We understand that patients may have certain questions before booking a visit. On this page we have attempted to answer the most frequent questions asked. Should you not find the answer you are looking for or if there is something else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

What happens at the first visit?

The initial consultation is about you. It is about understanding why you have come to visit an osteopath and what you hope to achieve. A case history will be taken, this is confidential and cannot be shared without your consent. You will be asked questions about your symptoms, your health and medical history and your lifestyle. This information is important and helps to make a diagnosis and treatment plan. The location of your symptoms and related areas will be examined. You will be asked to perform simple movements to assess your mobility, range of movement and movement patterns. Your posture will be assessed and other tests will be completed if necessary, such as blood pressure. The results of the examination and the diagnosis will be explained and discussed with you, including a treatment plan.  The aim is to understand what is causing your symptoms and why they are occurring. If osteopathic treatment is not appropriate, advice will be given on how to proceed.

What should I wear?

It is important to us that you are completely comfortable at all times during treatment however in order for an osteopath to conduct a thorough examination we may ask you to undress, depending on the site of pain. We generally advise that you bring shorts and a sports bra/vest top so that you can feel comfortable should you be required to dress down.

Should you have any concerns about this please contact us before your appointment to discuss it with a practitioner. Please remember that you are welcome to bring a friend or chaperone with you.

How long will the appointment be?

We allow all osteopathy appointments 45 minutes including new and follow up appointments. This allows us to take a case history and conduct appropriate examination to form a treatment plan and administer treatment.

This time will also include booking future appointments and taking payment.

Do I need to be referred?

No, you do not need a referral in order to see an osteopath. You may have been recommended by another medical professional for osteopathic treatment but no official referral is required.

Should you be seeking treatment through your health insurance we advise that you either contact them directly to ensure you will be covered by the individual you wish to see. Alternatively you can contact us with any insurance queries. 

What does a treatment consist of?

Osteopathy uses a variety of manual therapy techniques including: Mobilisation & manipulation of joints, soft tissue massage and lymphatic drainage, exercise therapy and rehabilitation, taping, dry needling & acupuncture, functional assessment. The aim is for the treatment to be effective, with minimal discomfort however you may experience some discomfort during or after treatment. Post treatment discomfort is normal and occurs in around 50% of patients lasting about 48hours. Treatment is hands on and often involves improving the mobility of areas that are stiff or tight. If a technique or movement is likely to be uncomfortable, you will be warned and the technique can be stopped or altered if the discomfort is too much. There is no set number of treatments. How many and how often will vary on how well you respond to treatment, your lifestyle and what you are hoping to achieve.